Our Beliefs

We are a Baptist church affiliated with the Baptist General Convention of Texas and the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. We are a Baptist church because we appreciate historic Baptist principles of faith and church:

  1. Every congregation is autonomous, deciding for itself what it should be and what it believes.
  2. Every believer is responsible for his or her own faith. There are no priests or organizations standing between people and God.
  3. The Church should be kept separate from the State. The Government should not establish any official religion. All people are free to worship God or not worship God in any way they choose.
  4. The scriptures are the authority for our lives. We are called to read them with scholarship and interpret them with integrity.

We describe ourselves as:

Open & Accepting:
We are a people who will welcome you to our family of faith. Whatever your age, color, or social standing, you are welcome in this place. You are also welcome at Covenant no matter what has happened in your life. We are a people who are learning what it means to live empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. There are no ethical requirements for beginning the journey of faith. If you are willing to travel with courage and honesty and in the company of people who are less than perfect, you are welcome here.

Ecumenical means we celebrate our incompleteness. While we love the freedom and distinctive nature of Baptist churches, we understand the fullness of the gospel cannot be contained in any one church.

Biblically Responsible:
At Covenant Baptist Church we intend to push the limits of love, forgiveness, and acceptance. However, we are determined to keep our roots firmly planted in the Bible. We will study the Bible with scholarship, interpret it with integrity, and follow its teachings with courage.