Click here for printable Labyrinth Guide.

Before you Walk the Labyrinth
Please pre-apply sunscreen, bring a hat, a water bottle, and
comfortable walking shoes. Silence your cell phone. Note: there
are no rest room facilities out by the labyrinth; plan ahead.
Unlike a maze, a labyrinth is a single path that leads you to the
center and back out again — there are no intersections or choices
to make, so you can’t get lost. Allow about 30-45 minutes to
complete the labyrinth. If you walk the labyrinth at
a medium-fast pace, you can complete the labyrinth in 15 to 30
minutes, allowing two or three minutes in the center for prayer. If
you walk the labyrinth at a slow, meditative pace, you can expect
your labyrinth journey to easily last an hour or longer.

Walking the Labryinth

When you come upon the labyrinth from the prayer path, take a
few minutes in prayer to quiet your heart and mind while sitting
at the bench at the labyrinth entrance. Once you feel un-rushed
and ready to begin, start at the entrance, walking quietly along the
path as it winds toward the center, at whatever pace you’re most
comfortable. If you get tired or distracted, note your location,
break out of the path and sit for a bit, and resume later. Find the
pace that is right for you.
It’s not uncommon to encounter another pilgrim walking toward
you on the same path — just say a word of peace and step off
toward the right, rejoining the path once you’ve passed each
other. When you reach the center, stay as long as you wish
—stand or sit in the center, offer a prayer of thanksgiving. Some
groups celebrate Holy Communion in the center as well. When
you are ready, return along the same path on which you came in.
The prayer path and labyrinth are available 24 hours a day;
if you walk the path after sunset or before sunrise, we’d ask
that you take a flashlight with you and keep an eye out for
cactus and for our animal friends (armadillos, raccoons, etc.)
— being careful not to disturb them. Feel free to replace stray
rocks or tend to the weeds as you move along the path. Let
us know whenever the labyrinth needs attention. Thanks!